Media Balustrade / Waterfall
2013, Cheongna, Incheon City, Korea

Media Facade

Project details

Additional to the Media Tower a 100 m long and 3.1 m high media balustrade with integrated waterfall has been installed in Central Lake Park in Incheon City, 2013.

The u-shaped installation consists of 63 powerglass® panels with 20.160 white LED which are individually controllable. Apart from graphic and seasonal artworks, films and an underwater world are depicted.

The 18 mm thick panels are made of tempered glass with an additional sealing in order to protect the powerglass® and its electronic components against water.


Technical Data
media façade / media balustrade waterfall, Cheongna City, Incheon, Korea
63 controllable powerglass® media façade panels
Glass Construction
10 mm float, tempered / 2 mm resin / 6 mm powerglass®, tempered
63 panels 3100 x 735 x 18 mm
approx. 143 m²
20.160 white LED, individually controllable
LED Design
LED Distance
49 mm
Power Supply
48 V