Rike Bridge - Bridge of Peace
2010, Tbilisi, Georgia

Controllable Balustrades

Project details

Architect Michel De Lucchi and lighting planner Philippe Martinaud realized a glass bridge in Tbilisi in 2010 with 300 m² controllable balustrades and integrated motion sensor.

The interactive light display system integrates 48.000 LED and 240 sensors, installed within the structure. The balustrades consists of 250 panels made of safety glass with a thickness of 26 mm.


Technical Data
Rike Bridge / „bridge of peace“, Tbilisi, Georgia
more than 300 m² glass balustrades with controllable LED lines and motion sensor
Glass Construction
safety glass 16/2 semi-tempered / 2 mm resin / 6 mm powerglass®, semi-tempered
250 panels à 1200 x 1050 x 24 mm
315 m²
48.000 white LED, light emitting to both sides
LED Design
LED Distance
approx. 75 mm
Power Supply
15,4 watt, 48V/0,32A per element
Michel De Lucchi