Cube Media Facade
2010, Munich, Germany

Messe Bau, Munich

Project details

The media cube was presented the first time at BAU exhibition in 2010 in Munich as a walkable exhibition booth of 24 m² powerglass® advertising space incl. sound system. It consists of 8 panels with a dimension of 1200 x 2400 x 48 mm, equipped with 6.400 controllable white LED with 800 pixel per panel.

Technical Data
cube media facade, BAU exhibition, Munich
structural glazing
Glass Construction
powerglass® 1: 6 mm, tempered
2 mm cast resin powerglass® 2: 6 mm, tempered
2 mm cast resin powerglass® 3: 6 mm, termpered
2 mm cast resin cover panel: insulating glass 6/12/6 mm, tempered
8 panels à 1200 x 2400 x 48 mm
total area of 4860 x 4860 mm
approx. 24 m²
6.400 white LED, emitting light to both sides
LED Design
raster, 800 pixel / panel
Power Supply
48 volt