Galeries Lafayette Maison, Boulevard Haussmann
2004, Paris, France

Controllable Balustrades

Project details

According to the drafts of lighting designer Ingo Maurer 150 metres of controllable powerglass® balustrades consisting of coloured stars, words in different languages and a starfield design have been supplied to Galeries Lafayette Maison in Paris 2004. Three independently switchable circuits have been realized inside the 43 mm laminate construction made of safety glass. Each powerglass® element is equipped with up to 1.000 red, blue, green or white LED an can be switched on, off or is dimmable.

Technical Data
Galeries Lafayette Maison Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France
stand-alone balustrade with three separately controllable power circuits per element, depicting coloured stars and letters (in different languages and alphabets) as well as a starfield design
Glass Construction
safety glass (24/2) semi tempered / 2 mm cast resin / 6 mm powerglass® / 2 mm cast resin / 6 mm powerglass®
a total length of 150 m, installed over 4 floors powerglass® elements up to 2020 x 1015 x approx. 43 mm
per element up to approx. 280 kgs
up to 1.000 LED per element, with a total of approx. 60.000 LED, dimmable LED colours: white, red, blue and green; emitting light to both sides