Subaru Media Facade
2010, Seoul, Korea

Project details

In 2009, 170 m² powerglass® media façade for SUBARU has been installed in Seoul. The façade can be used as an advertising medium showing animations and films. It consists of 72 panels made of safety glass with a thickness of 18 mm and 13.000 integrated controllable white LED.

Technical Data
SUBARU media façade, Seoul, Korea
72 powerglass® panels, consisting of 28 powerglass® media façade panels & 44 powerglass® standard panels
Glass Construction
10 mm float glass semi tempered / 2 mm cast resin / 6 mm powerglass® semi tempered
per element up to 2985 x 1164 x 18 mm
Total: 170 m², consisting of: 74 m² controllable powerglass®, 96 m² standard powerglass®
13,000 white LED, light emitting to both sides, up to 320 LED per element
LED Design
LED Distance
media façade panels: approx. 90 mm standard powerglass®: approx. 150 mm
Power Supply
48 V